I started out homebrewing in 2012 and quickly gained office-wide notoriety for my famous mystery bag o'cans.  So, it was inevitable really that I was going to start a brewery in a garage. 

All I needed was the garage…   

I grabbed my pickaxe, some wire cutters and 15 kinds of spanner and set to work digging trenches; running cable, drainage and water; hooking up electrical bits and plumbing in the plumbable bits.  A few licks of paint, new walls and flooring and we were ready to go.  At least until a strong breeze blows it all over.      

She may be a humble rickety old lady, but she’s the only
brewery I’ve got and once you’ve poured that much into a crumbly old building, you grow rather fond of it.  Certainly won’t stop me making good beer and foisting it upon the locals.   

So, cheers you lucky people!