Once upon a distant time ago, I used to sail the accountant sea, then I traded the calculator for the refractometer in January 2020, full of moxey, spirit and enthusiasm.  Then, on my birthday no less, 2020 went a bit tits up! 

So rather than my grand plan to take over the world (well, world inside the city bypass anyway) I am a wee part-time brewer and part-time sailor.  But hey, at least I get to do what I set out to do anyway.  Brew great beer, in a small, sustainable and belligerently local way. 


In charge of it all is the chief head honcho.

She may sleep for 18 hours a day, but what she achieves in those 6 hours would blow you away.

With all the psychopathic traits of the best CEOs, she has all the skills required to lead this brewery from mediocre to decent.

Warehouse Team

A brewery would be nowhere without its team of dedicated warehouse staff.

Meticulously counting every grain, stacking up can lids and licking the backing to every label on a can of Tartan Shark is all taken in stride.

Admin Department

Behind all the glitz and glamour that is brewing is the ever hard working admin department.

Without them orders would go unfulfilled, seats would go unwarmed and email reponses of "=w95hg=oinpjhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" would go unsent.

Safe to say there would be no brewery or website...